Evaluating Mosquitoes for Insecticide Resistance
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Larval Bioassay > Preparation
  1. Make sure beakers are clean.
  2. Mix stock solutions. If stock solutions are already made, make sure you allow enough time for them to come to room temperature before use. Gently swirl the stock solution to mix it before use.
    To make stock solutions, dilute the appropriate amount of technical grade insecticide in absolute alcohol (Table). Suggested amounts can be found in the the table below. Once this stock solution is made, it can be stored in the refrigerator in lightproof bottles until needed.
  3. Label your beakers.

More than one batch of mosquitoes can be run in a beaker in a day. After each repetition, discard the solution and begin again. Use care to reuse the same beakers with the same insecticide.

Table. Stock solutions and dosages we currently use:
(Techgrade AI + Alcohol)
Amount of Stock
Added to tests
Permethrin 100 µg/ml
1 ml
100 µg/beaker
Resmethrin 100 µg/ml
1 ml
100 µg/beaker
Malathion 100 µg/ml
1 ml
100 µg/beaker
DEF ??µg/ml
PBO ??µg/ml
1 ml
0 µg/beaker
*Example: To make stock permethrin (1 mg/ml), add 10 mg technical grade permethrin to 10 ml alcohol. To make a stock with liquid techgrade insecticide, add 10 ml of techgrade insecticide to 10 ml of alcohol. This yields 1 mg/ml from which serial dilutions can be made.
** Final concentrations are based on a density of 1 for the technical grade insecticide. If insecticide is purchased as a solid instead of a liquid, then the proper amount can be weighed to come to a final concentration in µg/beaker.

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