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Real Life Example #2

The Business Software Alliance has reported that a major U.S. university recently paid over $100,000 to settle claims that it had pirated Corel, Microsoft, Adobe and other software on school computers. A few years ago, a similar action resulted in a Department of Commerce agency being fined $3M in addition to being required to purchase licenses for the software found being used illegally.  In 2000, the BSA had collected over $47 million in corporate piracy claims over the preceding seven years.

Real Life Example #3

In May, 2000, CDC experienced a severe attack of the "I Love You" virus, resulting in CDC being unable to access E-mail for several days as well as causing other system disruptions. Part of the reason for the prolonged disruption was that the virus was re-introduced several times, i.e., some staff disabled virus protection software on their workstation and clicked on the infected e-mail attachments in spite of cautionary warnings. The episode consumed much money and time to repair, caused friction with our Departmental colleagues who had to deal with infected messages coming from CDC, and was publicly embarrassing to the agency.


Real Life Example #1

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