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Security Awarness For Everyone
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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So Much Information!

We’ve covered a lot of basic concepts and material. You likely have more questions than answers, and that is OK. Talk to your LAN Administrator or your CIO ISSO. Ask for additional information from those around you, and look for posters or other information on proper use of agency IT assets.

Remember, as a federal employee (contractor, visiting scientist, collaborator, or volunteer), you have access to systems and information entrusted to CDC and ATSDR as stewards of the public’s health. Actions that you take can affect the ability of the agency to do its work, can cause harm, and can cause the agency to loose the trust of our partners and the people we serve. It is your responsibility to help protect all information and systems that you use.

It is important to have your completion of this tutorial properly recorded.  Please proceed to the Registration of Course Completion page to get credit for this required training.  

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