Evaluating Mosquitoes for Insecticide Resistance
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Computer Requirements:
We are aware that participants who utilize this web-based training will have access to computers with a wide range of technological capabilities. . Please take a few minutes to ensure your setup conforms to the following minimum computer requirements:

  • PC with Windows 95 (or higher) or Power Macintosh
  • 16 color monitor (256 color monitor is better)
  • Internet connection - 28.8 kbps or better
  • Sound card


Browser Requirements:
You will need the most recent browser version that supports advanced functionality such as Java, JavaScript, and frames. We recommend Netscape Navigator 4.01 or Internet Explorer 4.05 or later. You can download either browser from the respective address below. Both are available free.

Netscape Navigator 4.7.5 or later:

Internet Explorer 4.05 or later:

This Web-Based Training module takes advantage of JavaScript. Most newer browsers have the ability to take advantage of this technology. To test if you have JavaScript active on your browser move your mouse over the button below. If it changes, JavaScript is active.

If the button above did not change click here for directions on activating JavaScript.

When browses are first installed JavaScript is active.

Plug-ins and Helper Applications are external pieces of software that work in conjunction with your web browser to expand its ability to interpret files of many different formats.

Adding a new Plug-in or Helper Application is as simple as downloading the software and running the installer. You will need to exit from your browser after downloading the plug-in so be sure to bookmark this page.

Flash 4.0 from Macromedia must be installed, in order to play certain animation sequences. There is no cost for the player and is available for Windows or Macintosh Operating Systems. This software can be downloaded from;

If you have Flash installed you should see a play button in the box below.

Marking Your Page (Bookmarks or Favorites):
To quickly access or return to the Web Based Training module's home page or any other Web page within this training course mark your page by using the Web browser feature "bookmark" or "favorites". In Netscape, Web pages can be marked and saved under the "bookmark" feature. Likewise, if you are using Microsoft Explorer, Web pages can be marked and saved using the "favorites" feature.

Your browser will remember where the address of the page that you marked. This is particularly helpful if you are working through the modules on various days.

When you log onto the computer the next time, you click on the bookmark or favorite item, and it will take you directly to the page you marked. See your browser help section, under saving a page or other similar language, for specific instructions on using this feature.

Browser Buttons
As you can see below each browser type (i.e., Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer) has its own navigational system that consists of buttons usually located in the top section of your screen. These buttons will be very important for navigating through the course. They will take you to the previous page that you were on and forward to the page you came from, as well as help you scroll up and down and across the screen. The scroll bar on the right of your screen lets you know where you are on the page. If the bar is in the middle it indicates that you are in the middle of the page.

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The video plug-ins listed above are all free. If you see any cost listed on the manufacture's site, it is for the advanced version and can be ignored.

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